Longlife Diesel PKW und Nutzfahrzeuge

The cleaner engine and the optimised combustion ensure a low-wear and reliable engine. And the cleaning effect of Longlife Diesel means that this will not change - and this for the entire service life of the engine.

Visible cleaner engine:

A clean engine allows the engine oil to better develop its lubricating properties. The interplay of the individual components functions is smoother, making for a long and powerful engine service life:

Permanently less wear:

But also newer engines profit from the effectiveness of Longlife Diesel. The optimum state can be retained as long as possible and signs of wear can be significantly minimised from the outset.

Perceptibly more performance:

The innovative Longlife Diesel can be burnt faster and cleaner and generates more horsepower on the road!

Demonstrably fewer exhaust fumes:

The environment will also be happy. Longlife Diesel leads to a cleaner engine, clog-free jets and improved combustion. This reduces diesel soot and helps the environment by reducing CO2 emissions by up to 16.5%.


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