Longlife Diesel PKW und Nutzfahrzeuge

Robust protection with Longlife DieselRefuelling with Longlife Diesel improves the protective properties of your car like vitamins support the human immune system. It means you will have more fun with your vehicle for longer because wear and higher costs now have no chance.

Efficiency, reliability, all-round protection:

  • Better combustion
  • Increased piston pressure
  • Reduced blow-by
  • Less sooting
  • Avoidance of bore polishing
  • Higher engine efficiency


This helps wear parts to life longer and you have fewer costly repairs.

The older the vehicle becomes, the more wear takes its toll. It becomes prone to repairs and performance tails off. By using Longlife Diesel you can retain the new state of your vehicle for longer and it can work wonders on old cars if used regularly. The cleaning power ensures a cleaner combustion chamber and free injection nozzles. The combustion of the fuel is optimised and takes place deposit-free. Thus, the lubricating properties of the engine oil can develop their full effect, which in turn ideally protects wearing parts and ensures particularly long life.

Longlife Diesel: Robust protection against costs and wear!


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