Longlife Diesel Marine

With its highly effective additive package the Longlife Diesel Marine has been especially tailored to meet the specific needs of marine transport.

Save money by lengthening maintenance intervals

Longlife Diesel Marine means that regular refuelling helps to maintain your engine. The engine is gradually cleaned of deposits and carbon black, and oil consumption falls. The engine oil can also retain its lubricating properties for longer. This means that oil change intervals are significantly lengthened, the engine runs longer without requiring maintenance and the best protection against wear is given. And, long-term, you save hard cash into the bargain!

Ideal for old or troublesome engines

Regular use of Longlife Diesel ensures cleaner engines and optimised combustion. Harmful deposits are removed and the engines run "smoother". On newer engines, where the first signs of wear are just appearing, the service life can be prolonged or the period before repairs are required extended.

Perfect for new engines

But also newer engines profit from the effectiveness of Longlife Diesel. The optimum state can be retained as long as possible and signs of wear can be significantly minimised from the outset.


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