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MSG EG, Würzburg

Interview with Rainer Bauer, Operations Manager at MSG EG, Germany

Mr. Bauer, you have conducted a long-term study of Longlife Diesel. What were your results?

Rainer Bauer: The vessels that refuelled with Longlife Diesel produced significantly less smoke and have, as a rule, lower oil and fuel consumption rates. We have also discovered that the nozzle service periods have lengthened.
What conclusions can you draw? Why would you recommend Longlife Diesel?
Rainer Bauer: I have to answer to the cooperative members of the MSG eG. This means that I only recommend something when I have thoroughly tested the product and can see that it makes economic sense in practice. And this is the case with Longlife Diesel.


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Koedood, the Netherlands

Interview with Jos Vercoulen, Operations Manager at Koedood, the Netherlands

Mr. Vercoulen, why do you recommend Longlife Diesel?

Jos Vercoulen: De Longlife Diesel is voor ons het eerste product dat werkelijk functioneert. Wij beleven de Longlife Diesel aan omdat het de motor super schoon maakt en daardoor het rendement omhoog gaat. De Longlife Diesel toevoeging is een zeer krachtig additief voor de gasolie waarmee de motor gereinigd wordt en er zonder problemen gereduceerd gevaren kan worden.

(Longlife Diesel is, above all, a product that works. We recommend Longlife Diesel because it keeps the engine exceptionally clean and increases efficiency. Longlife Diesel is an effective diesel fuel additive; it means our Mitsubishi Diesels need not travel under full load.)


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DDSG, Vienna

Interview with Herbert Petschnig, COO at DDSG, Vienna

Mr. Petschnig, why do you recommend Longlife Diesel?

Herbert Petschnig: By using Longlife Diesel we have managed to save on fuel consumption by up to 8%. As a result we were the first in Europe to decide to offer Longlife Diesel at our bunker stations. 


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